Bloating, swollen abdomen, vomiting and feeling gassy

Why am I so bloated?

There are many causes of feeling as though your abdomen is swollen. A doctor can help determine whether the cause may be fluid, enlarged organs, obstruction or gas By far the most common cause is gas. Patients can complain of feeling bloated and gassy and this can be embarrassing. It is perfectly normal to have gas in the bowels. When there is too much then it becomes a problem. Often the cause of excess gas is related to how and what a patient eats.

There are several foods that the body finds difficult to breakdown, and because the indigestible food substance remains in the bowel, bacteria cause fermentation the gas being the by product. Often then the way to avoid bloating is to avoid eating foods that are difficult to breakdown. Many of these foods you will have known about for a long time- beans, Brussels sprouts and broccoli for example. Many others are not immediately obvious. Did you know that xxxxx can also cause bloating?

When trying to avoid foods that cause bloating it is important not to rule out too much from the diet as this can cause nutritional deficiencies. Once medically cleared by a gastroenterologist, guidance from an accredited dietician can be very beneficial.


Another important factor in bloating is to try to avoid constipation. Constipation can mean either going to pass a stool less frequently or passing very hard pebble like stools. Constipation doesn’t mean you are obstructed, just that your large bowel is having difficulty moving the stool along. Ways to avoid constipation include:

How to eat: You are what you eat. You also feel what you eat and how you eat.

Sebastian Zeki
Sebastian Zeki
Gastroenterology consultant

My clinical practice and research interests included upper gastrointestinal pathologies